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“There is a kind of bodily awareness that profoundly
influences our lives and can help us reach personal goals.”
(E Gendlin)

Focusing helps us access this awareness and guides us in
our creativity, decision-making and emotional wisdom.

❯ Come in and learn more

What is Focusing?

Focusing is self-discovery – it is a special way of paying attention to ourselves, so that we sense the whole feeling about situations or issues in our lives.  We become our own good listener and learn to tap into our inner resources.  It’s not about learning a technique – more about exploring a new way of being with ourselves.

It’s a natural, gentle, and deep process, and many people find that they sense a deeper connection with their own lives, and that they make wiser choices in their lives.

Focusing is most often a two-way process, with a Focuser and a Listener, and part of learning Focusing skills is to learn to be a good listener for others too.



Would you like to learn how to

  • trust your intuition more
  • solve problems creatively, and make decisions confidently
  • cope more effectively with conflict, change, overload and other sources of stress
  • move through blocks and difficulties in your life with gentleness and kindness
  • enhance your creativity
  • make lifestyle changes?

Focusing can help with all of these.


Anyone who practises Yoga has their own reasons.  Some of us practise to make the body stronger, more flexible and less resistant to injury.  Some practise to relieve physical conditions or to cope with stress.  Some of us use Yoga as a meditative practice.

Yoga can be adapted for anyone’s needs, whether you are active, sedentary, or limited by illness or disability.  It’s important that you find a style and teacher that suit you.

And you don’t need to be flexible when you start!

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What a wonderful way to spend 5 days

I've just come back from the International Focusing Conference - this year hosted by the UK in Cambridge.  There were over 250 Focusers from 30 countries - and we all had a great time.     Some of the comments were: "The best conference of any kind I have ever been to" "I have never experienced a conference that was so well organised" "I feel so much gratitude towards the people who organised it" "Congratulations and thanks - a brilliant conference organised with such vision and attention to details" "So many things, so many wonderful people with so much beautiful work with[...]
This Part of Me Feels Heard

This Part of Me Feels Heard

At the end of a Focusing session recently, the Focuser said, “This part of me feels heard”. And that is one of the ways that Focusing differs from other interactions. Things within us are often pleased to be heard - to have said something aloud, saying it to a companion without needing to interpret or comment, and to be heard without being judged. These are all exceptional aspects of Focusing. And neither the Focuser nor the Listener needs to interpret or comment for the relief to occur, and for something to change. When we are heard, sometimes that is all that needs[...]

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