One of the great lessons of Focusing is to pause.

How often do we make our decisions automatically, doing things the way we’ve always done them, or because other people do it this way?

MothMe? I was always a list-maker. Pros on one side of the piece of paper, Cons on the other. Even so, often in the past I would not go with the longer list; something would not feel right about it.

Focusing has taught me how to trust that intuitive voice. I can pause and see how the whole of the lists feel in my body. It may be that my body turns that way; one list seems more vibrant; an image forms. Then I can sense how that feels. When I know it’s right I can make my decision much more confidently. And it feels right when there’s a sense of relief – ‘Oh that’s what it’s all about!’ Sometimes it feels obvious and I’m not sure why I didn’t realise earlier.

And sometimes there’s no clear-cut response from my body. A felt sense forms but my body is still waiting for ‘something’. This is when I might choose to pause again and wait for my body to respond. It doesn’t always happen immediately, or in ways that I was expecting, but if I’m patient something usually does come – even if that ‘something’ says I need more information. As I learn to trust my body more, I find I’m able to make decisions more easily.

How many times have you been poised to send an email, or pick up the phone and something stops you? You’re not sure what, but there is something niggling at you. Pausing gives us a moment to check our inner sense, and check if it’s really right to go ahead.