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“Go deeper. Pay attention to what is beneath the threshold of awareness. Dive below surface appearances and respond to what is really going on.” (Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake)


So often we talk about the body as though it’s a machine, a highly complicated machine, but still a machine. We compare our bodies to intricate man-made things with pumps and pistons, filters and gears, hinges and joints. And even though we liken our bodies to machines or engines, we sometimes feel as though our bodies have their own agenda, feeling separate from the rest of us.

If we are brave enough often enough we will fall

If we never reach out beyond what is comfortable, we cannot challenge ourselves and taste the fruit right at the end of the branch. We won’t test ourselves to see if doing this particular something, or going to that particular place might be as joyful as we imagine it to be.


Presence is peace itself. Like the space of the room in which you are sitting, it cannot be agitated. All agitated activities take place within it but it is itself without agitation. (Rupert Spira)