Chair-based Yoga Class

Would you like your body to be:

  • stronger?
  • more flexible?
  • less prone to injury?

Would you like all this without straining and without going to the gym?

You may have heard that Yoga can help with all of these, but thought that it’s not for you. 

You might have an image of Yoga as something that very flexible people do in tight T-shirts and leggings.  They sit on the floor in impossible cross-legged positions, or stand on their heads.

I have a Yoga class at Physiologic in Hythe, Kent which is different.

This class is suitable for anyone with mobility difficulties, or who would prefer a chair-based practice.

We sit on chairs for most or all of the time.

We practise Yoga in ways most suitable for your body.

You will not strain, or be in pain from the practice.

You will feel a benefit.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact me via the Contact page, and I will email or call you back.-