Coming to rest

P1010729I think that ‘coming to rest’ best describes my recent five-day retreat on Dartmoor with a group of Focusers. 

A retreat is a break from our usual routines, with time to step away from life for a while.  It’s a chance to get away from everydayness, giving an opportunity for rest, reflection and revitalisation.  The time is to use as you wish, and often (not always) there is a framework which you can choose to follow, or not.

There are many ways to go on retreat – you may be aware of some that are organised by religious organisations, yoga teachers, artists, writers and others.  And, of course, you may go on retreat alone.

I heartily recommend a retreat – this was just a few days of sharing a space with others.  Focusing with each other, cooking for each other, spending time in nature all nourished me.  I also found some insights into my life – some surprising, some affirming – all interesting, and seeds were sown that now seem to be on the verge of germinating.

The days quickly settled into a rhythm: qigong or yoga, then breakfast, followed by some time for meditation, and Focusing.  I particularly enjoyed learning the basics of qigong, and most days we were able to practise outside accompanied by birdsong, spring flowers and semi-curious sheep.  Walking, cooking, more Focusing, discussion time and even some daytime sleeping filled the days in an easy way.  And I feel better for having been there – outside life waited for me until I returned.

Many of us benefits from retreats, and I encourage you to dip your toe in this special water.

The retreat I went on was organised by fellow Focusing Practitioner, Gordon Adam.  Gordon runs several Focusing retreats each year, and if you would like to participate in one you can read more about him, and contact Gordon at the British Focusing Association website: .

If you decide to participate in a Focusing retreat, most retreat leaders would prefer you to have some Focusing experience before you go.  I can help you here, and I would enjoy accompanying you on your Focusing journey.  You can contact me here on my Contact Page.