Going deeper

Go deeper.  Pay attention to what is beneath the threshold of awareness.  Dive below surface appearances and respond to what is really going on.” 

Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake

I cannot pretend that Focusing is the only way to go deeper and pay attention to the threshold of awareness. No, there are other ways. Some I have tried, and they haven’t always worked for me.

I can say that Focusing worked for me and I was amazed and delighted. And it works for a great many other people too.

One of the delights of Focusing is that it is a safe and gentle process, and can be learned by anyone. And most people learn it quite quickly – usually withing a session or two.

And it doesn’t end there, because, like many practices (cooking, running, carving, writing, Yoga, …), something can happen the very first try. And maybe it doesn’t. In either case, practising helps us to go deeper, to improve that way we do things, discard whatever doesn’t work, and be spurred on to practise more as we gain new insight. It doesn’t take long for most people to sense into Focusing and find it a helpful practice.

When I first learned I embarked on the Focusing Skills course, and after a few sessions, I thought I ‘knew’ Focusing, and couldn’t see why the course was 60 hours long.  You might be interested to know that before I trained as a Focusing Practitioner, I actually repeated the Focusing Skills course (not because I ‘failed’ – there is no failure!), but because I wanted to deepen my experience with a group of committed Focusers.


Sometimes as we explore more deeply in our Focusing practice difficult feelings might arise; and Focusing helps us understand more about them, and help us find ways to work with and through them.

Sometimes Focusing is joyful, as we uncover new understandings.

And sometimes there is neither joy nor difficulty.  Sometimes there is a feeling of roundedness, wholeness.

Whatever the feelings, we hold the space for them all.  As Rumi said in the poem I quoted in this blog, “Welcome and entertain them all.”

If you would like to read about Focusing from other people’s perspectives, go to the websites of the British Focusing Association, the International Focusing Institute and the European Focusing Association.

And if you would like to learn how to use Focusing in your life, please contact me here. This can be a one-to-one session, a one-day workshop, or a Focusing Skills course – or just a chat.