How to find a way through when you feel overwhelmed



We all know those times when everything seems to go wrong.  Big things go wrong, and little things add to the mix, and before we know it, we feel overwhelmed with all that has to be done, how we’re going to do it, and while I was thinking about all of that, I forgot to put the bins out for the early morning collection.

And sometimes we cope with it all, and then something quite small can tip the balance so that forgetting the bins seems like a major catastrophe.

It’s then that we wish our Fairy Godmother would land in the living room, and wave her wand to make it all just go away.

There is a way that we can help ourselves, and it’s called Focusing.

Focusing shows us that we can look inwards.  

  • It helps us get to the root of why all these issues are causing us so much stress and feel so overwhelming.  
  • It helps us to choose how to prioritise what to deal with first without feeling overwhelmed.  
  • It helps us find our inner wisdom.

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