How to make changes in your life with more confidence

My life is changing.  I’ll be starting a new chapter at the end of this month.  We all have change in our lives, and for me this is a deliberate change, and one I did not foresee until just a few months ago.


Much of my working life has been spent in offices.  From next month that will change, and this change will affect how I work and how I earn my income. 

Serendipitously I received an email from Triodos Bank inviting me, as a customer, to go to the annual general meeting (  The theme of the AGM is an exploration of how arts and culture can enrich lives and build a healthier and more sustainable society (and I can assure you that this is a bank speaking!!).  Embedded within the email was a link to some memorable YouTube videos on various people’s views on money and wealth.

I urge you to watch these videos – they’re not long!:  I’ve written down many phrases that really resonated with me, and especially with the changes that I am making in my life just now.  Angaangaq, a tribal elder from Greenland says this:


“Everybody wants to become rich, but nobody wants to be wealthy. How? Because richness is something just material, wealth is knowledge. And that knowledge, when you will (if you learn to) use it with wisdom, it becomes even bigger.”

And what does this have to do with Focusing?

Quite a lot, for me. I have Focused on these changes in my life, and on giving up a regular income with paid holiday and sick leave.  Each time that I’ve Focused, the new life (as yet unknown) is bright, it shimmers.  The old life feels like a door closing. If you were to see these images before you, I feel confident that like me, you would be drawn to the new life, with its knowledge, wealth, risks and uncertainties.

Focusing helps me be confident with making shifts like this, and it helps me know that wealth lies there, in these changes.  Many people find that using Focusing skills can help them with life and career changes with a sense of clarity and purpose that may not have been there before.