Resisting change

Oak tree - Carolann Samuels
Oak tree - Carolann Samuels

Oak tree – Carolann Samuels

Many of us are good at resisting change.  Security is, well, secure – and it’s difficult for us leave security behind.  Sometimes I tell myself that I’m good at change – I have embraced many changes in my life.  But then I look at myself honestly, and I can see more times when security has served me well.

I like the way that Sally Lever has written about this in her newsletter earlier this month – you can read the full article here; and here is an excerpt:

“Change involves letting go of the past and letting be of the present.  An acorn grows into a sapling and then a huge oak tree. If the consciousness of the tree remains with the acorn (its seed) then there will be no further manifestation. As each day of this new year dawns, we can choose to see each one as something absolutely new that we’re going to co-create in our lives. This becomes difficult if we assume from the outset that this ‘today’ is ‘simply another Monday’”.

So how do we let go of the past, and let be of the present?  Meditation is an ideal method, letting us ‘be’ simply in this moment.  One of the great benefits of meditation is that it requires nothing – no special equipment, we don’t have to go anywhere or be with another person or group of people, there are no resources.  We just have to be quiet, in the present moment, letting go of anything that comes into our minds.  It is easy to explain, and it is always challenging to practice.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, gardening, walking mindfully – all are excellent ways of letting go of the past, and being totally in the present.  You may have another practice that does this for you, and I would be interested to read what works well for you.  Drop me a line.