Scott’s experience of Chair-based Yoga Classes

YOGA, YOGA, how can I possibly do yoga? 

“I’m 67 years old, overweight and have Parkinson’s disease.  

My wife smiled knowing I had fallen into the trap, ‘Aah, but what about the chair based yoga classes in Hythe’? 

So, I reluctantly attended my first class and to be frank, have not looked back.  The hour long sessions fly by and the period following the session is usually the best I have felt all week. 

It is amazing how many moves one can achieve while sitting on a chair and those combined with a “warm up” period and a closing relaxation period makes the experience a highlight in my week.”

Scott is a regular attender of my Chair-based Yoga class at Physiologic in Hythe.  Use my contact page to find out more about this class, and if you would like to join us.