The flow of life within us

P1010178Many of us will have experience of Focusing, without ever having given it any thought.  We often know that something feels right, and something else doesn’t.  

Shall I go and see this film / take this job / go to that Greek island for my holiday?  And we often get a strong feeling of what feels right or not.

And sometimes we hear ourselves saying something like

A part of me doesn’t want to do something.

Many of us use these phrases in our everyday lives, without even noticing.  I know I used to.  And they are both phrases that Focusers use a lot.  The difference with Focusing is that we pay more attention to these feelings.  We might say to ourselves:

This part of me that doesn’t want to do this something – where is it in my body?  Can I describe it?  Can I sense where exactly it is?  Does it have an image associated with it, or an emotion, a colour?  Or does a metaphor come to mind?”

And then we wait for a while, as Fiona Parr says “for the dust to settle, so we can see it more clearly, like sediment settling in a glass”.   And the image, or feeling often changes.  So we stay with it, noticing how it changes, and we might find we settle more deeply into this awareness, and things often change, without any effort or trying from us.  We reconnect with the whole of the issue.  And sometimes things continue to unfold over the next few days and weeks.

Before I learned Focusing I would notice these voices within me. and wouldn’t know how to go further.  My excellent teacher, Kay Hoffmann, puts it like this:

We are finding our way home to the solid ground of what is true for us in the moment; thereby reconnecting with the flow of life within us”